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The Alpena News reporting has been relatively silent on the FTX cryptocurrency scandal headed up by Sam Bankman-Fried, the second leading donor to the Democratic Party in 2022. Judd Garrett in his Objectivity is the Objective essay on Dec. 14, 2022 had the following to say about the media and the FTX scandal.

“Did anybody in the media ask Sam Bankman-Fried one hard question? Isn’t this a little bit like the way we are handling our current President? How many journalists in the mainstream media ask Joe Biden a hard question? How many journalists in the mainstream media challenge his policy positions from the open border, to inflation, to our supply chain crisis, to gas prices, to crime, to fentanyl? How many journalists in the mainstream media have asked Joe Biden about his illegal business dealings in Ukraine and China using his son Hunter as a proxy to sell his influence? No one in the mainstream media is asking any of those questions because they believe they don’t have to because by being a Democrat and a liberal, Joe Biden is virtuous and incorruptible.

There’s no way, in their mind, that somebody with a “D” next to their name could do anything dishonest or corrupt, or unethical. So, you get a completely non-curious media when a Democrat wins the Presidency and a completely out-of-control attacking media to the point of inventing scandals when a Republican is president. In the end, we get a completely warped country because our media and every other main institution has been completely infected by left-wing politics. And no country can stand when it becomes this lopsided.”

Substitute “The Alpena News” for “mainstream media / media” in the above text and you can see stark similarities with the Alpena News’ lack of reporting and editorial content.


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