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There’s always a debate over whether cell phone or online addiction or habit is the cause of some mental health issues such as depression and anxiety disorder but we need to be able to admit that internet use has changed the way we live our lives more than any other technological medium yet.

Surfing the web can be a relatively harmless act but there are some people who spend so much of their time on their phone or the internet that it has begun to interfere with their daily lives.

When an action or desire becomes a hindrance and takes precedence over the most important aspects of one’s life, it can become classified as an addiction.

Most youths are currently consumed by their online social life and persona and are left with limited social skills, ultimately leading to an inability to make real-world connections.

Apart from this, the internet provides users with a wealth of data and knowledge and in some cases we are bombarded with unrequested bad news day in and day out that it has a serious effect on user’s mental health even without them knowing.

Currently the solution to ‘escaping’ and curbing their internet use has fallen on people having to uninstall their social apps which has most times proved futile.

How does PennyTree; A Finance & Lifestyle platform plan to help with this?
PennyTree was established in 2021 and since then they’ve been relentless in their mission of making savings and payments seamless and enjoyable to individuals. PennyTree had a smart idea.

Their vision was simple; to show that Lifestyle and Finance are mutually inclusive. While speaking to one of the founders, Ayo Ogunlowo, He said “the process leading up to this has been a hell of a ride filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, blood and sweat and even laughter.”

Furthermore, the team was tasked with finding a solution to some important questions regarding internet addiction which include;
How often individuals stay online longer than intended
How often individuals find themselves anticipating when they will go online again
How often individuals need to use the internet with increasing amounts of time in order to achieve satisfaction.
How often individuals have made unsuccessful efforts to control, cut back, or stop internet use.

How often individuals have stayed online longer than originally intended.
How often individuals are restless, moody, depressed, or irritable when attempting to cut down or stop internet use.

How often individuals have jeopardized or risked the loss of a significant relationship, job, or educational or career opportunity because of the internet.
And of course, how can savings become fun for individuals?

There is so much more to be done in transforming the Savings space. Ayo states that the adventure is just beginning; consumers will not settle for average and at PennyTree neither do we.

Their Version 2.0 launch is focused on the introduction of their gamification features all centered on further introducing digital lifestyle into savings and taking digital to a whole new level.

The new feature is referred to as Penn Rules on the app and it allows users to integrate their savings habits with their lifestyle, thereby demonstrating that lifestyle and finance are mutually inclusive. With Penn Rules, you are able to save as you interact with the digital village i.e tweet and save, save as you earn, save as you spend and save as you live without second guessing. This product allows you to save on the go and behind the scenes, as your lifestyle is integrated into your habits on and off PennyTree.

It makes financial discipline seamless, fun, integrated and exciting. The key takeaways from Penn Rules include but are not limited to;
There is no limit on the amount you can save using the Penn Rules
You can earn up to 15% per annum on an activated rule e.g
You can pause a rule
Multiple rules can be linked to one Penn Rule wallet
The recurring debit for this feature comes directly from the debit card

PennyTree provides users with a fully encrypted app. PennyTree is PCI-DSS compliant and is also secured by 256 bits SSL security encryption.
When your information is transmitted between PennyTree and any 3rd-party app, it will be encrypted as well.

PennyTree is available for both iOS and Android. The app is currently rated 4+ stars on the App Store and Google Play.

The Bottom Line
I see what PennyTree has in mind with the launch of this feature. For me, I can say they are moving to connect all spheres of life from connecting your digital life to your financial life. Who thought the day would come where I would be able to say “Save N1,000 for me for every time I tweet” ? The founders of PennyTree have basically designed a smart app that constantly guides your money in the right direction; monetizing your addiction and habit.

Could it get any better? Yes, if only all the gamers in the Savings industry could live up to the standards now being set by PennyTree along with the promises they offer personally.

PennyTree is a great financial tool for people who need to jumpstart their saving habits, kickback their social addiction and also perfect pre-existing saving records. So from Gen Z to the Millennials and even the Baby Boomers who need to be mindful of how much time they spend ingesting fake news from social apps, this is the app for you.
In a closing statement, Ayo says: thank you for your support and belief, we hope you join us on where our adventure takes us next and together we can create wonders.


We’ve all been there and experienced it! Frankly speaking, saving money can sometimes feel like a drag and all about sacrifice. For most of us, when we think of savings we think about strict budgets, crunching numbers, and getting serious. But PennyTree is saying they’ve successfully cracked the code on making savings actually fun. The pennytree app preaches the gospel of lifestyle and finance being mutually inclusive. So in fewer words, PennyTree is saying the occurrence of the outcome of your lifestyle does not need to supersede your finance.
How? Let’s get into it then.

Penn Rules is a digital lifestyle product, allowing users to integrate savings habits with their lifestyle.. With Penn Rules, you are able to save as you earn (Receive and Save), save as you spend (Pay and Save, Transfer and Save), and save as you interact in the digital village without second guessing (Tweet and Save, Snap and Save, Visit and Save). The takeaways from the Penn Rules features include but are not limited to;
There is no limit on the amount you can save using the Penn Rules
You can earn up to 14% per annum on an activated rule
You can pause a rule

One wallet per rule

Users can withdraw from this wallet to their main wallet for anytime.
The recurring debit for this feature comes directly from the debit card
What does this mean in simple terms – PennyTree is saying you can monetize your addiction.
So let’s say you are addicted to twitter and you can’t go a day without putting less than 20 tweets a day. Rather than just waste your time tweeting, you can tell the smart app to save N500 for every time you tweet. Amazing!

PennyTree has managed to evolve from the conventional lock and save method that we all know or even the regular daily debits and made it ten times better and easier for everyone to save. They’ve remodified the perks to savings which were not evident everywhere and ultimately makes them unique and put them on the fore-front of fintech apps.

PennyTree has started a journey of linking lifestyle and finance together which is first of its kind in Nigeria. What’s left now is for them to begin studying your spending habits and expenses and then finding amounts to save that are specific to your situation. That would seal the deal!

This doesn’t take away from the other amazing features on the PennyTree App which includes;
Target Savings: This product on PennyTree lets you save continuously, deliberately and consistently to reach your savings target and earn up to 10% p.a. Start saving with as low as ₦100 and as frequently as daily, weekly and monthly.
Personal Vault: The personal vault feature allows you to lock your funds for a specific duration in your personalized vault and earn an interest of up to 14% per annum. Your funds can be locked for a minimum duration of 30 Days and maximum duration of 360days.

Penn Wallet: Penn Wallet is a digital wallet that allows you to do a transfer from a Penn Wallet to another Penn Wallet using the unique Penn Tag. You can send money to friends and family on the Penn ecosystem with zero charges.

Payments: Users make bill payments such as data, airtime, fund their betting wallet, GOtv and DSTV subscriptions, Smile, Spectranet and utility unit purchases. Users also get 2% cash back on every airtime purchased. While some of these purchases are done for free, users are required to pay service charges for some of the utilities they purchase on PennyTree.

This include but not limited to TV Subscription, Electricity etc
Everyone deserves a smart app that helps them get better with money and PennyTree is the go-to for that.

We live in a world where everyone depends on digital technology for day-to-day activities. The dependence on this technology has made our lives easier and at the same time, sprung up dependence issues.

The dependence on digital technology is fast becoming a major problem as it affects our daily lives and decreases productivity. Most people find themselves on the internet every day.

We wake up and the first thing we do is check our phones for the latest news, hot gossip and so on. Due to this, several solutions have been brought forward to help curb this addiction but there remains a solution that hasn’t been explored yet.

Different people have tried curbing their digital addiction through several ways like limitation of screen time, ensuring strict compliance with time allotted to use digital devices, and these methods have proved futile over time.

So, what’s the solution that has not been explored yet?
PennyTree, an app that helps you to build a savings culture, automate savings, pay bills and top up seamlessly. It is an app that makes savings fun, enjoyable and easy.

The aim of PennyTree is to always make our financial life easier and in a pursuit of this, PennyTree first gave us the below saving options;
Target Savings: that allows you to save continuously and consistently until you reach your savings target and earn up to 10% interest per annum.

Personal Vault: that allows you to lock away funds for a specified duration of time by you and earn 14% interest per annum.
PennyTree on its relentless mission to keep making saving easier for everyone came about the solution to the above talked about addiction through what they call ‘Penn Rules’ in a bid to establish that lifestyle and finance are mutually inclusive thereby curbing digital addiction.

The Penn Rules is a digital lifestyle product that allows users to integrate their saving habits with their lifestyle. This newly introduced saving options aim is to allow you save as you earn, save as you spend, and save as you interact with the digital village without second guessing.

This implies that whenever you tweet, you save or whenever you take a picture, you save or whenever you open a particular app, you save.

This feature will help curb digital addiction as your lifestyle and finances are intertwined with the help of PennyTree
What are the advantages of using the Penn Rules feature?
– There is no limit on the amount you can save using the Penn Rules
– You can earn up to 14% per annum on an activated rule
– You cannot pause/terminate a rule.
– One wallet per rule
– The recurring debit for this feature comes directly from the debit card
In summary, this feature will help curb addiction, monetize your habit and make savings more fun for you. This feature proves useful and helpful.

I mean, who would have thought that being addicted to a certain lifestyle will in turn help you save. Imagine saving as low as 200 naira every time you open a particular app, take a selfie or play a game.

This feature is a game changer as it appeals to every group of persons especially those who constantly use social media and are trying to reduce their screen time on social media applications.

I am of the opinion that everyone should jump on this. Download the app (The PennyTree app is available both on Google play store and App Store), use the Penn Rules feature and watch your digital addiction become monetized and curbed for you as this will help improve your saving lifestyle and make saving easier for you.

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