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SideChannel Launches Enclave Microsegmentation Platform for SMBs

SideChannel, the Worcester, Mass.-based provider of cybersecurity services and technology for emerging and middle market companies, announced the launch of Enclave, a microsegmentation software platform. The new platform is designed to offer small and midsize businesses (SMBs) a solution to simplify and maintain a segmented network with minimal IT administration and maintenance.

According to SideChannel, Enclave enables IT personnel to easily segment their company’s network, quickly organize individuals and machines to each individual’s workload level, then implement security controls across all segments. The platform sets the foundation for a Zero Trust network security model while shrinking the attack surface area exposed to intruders. The company says Enclave empowers IT to contain breaches faster, decrease outages, reduce latency, and strengthen the organizations’ overall security defense.

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The Enclave platform was developed internally by SideChannel and its team of former chief security information officers (CISO). SideChannel says the Enclave platform was strategically designed and purposefully built to serve the growing security needs of SMBs, a traditionally underserved market that is more prone to cyberattacks but limited by smaller budgets, inadequate IT security staffing and lack of cybersecurity awareness among top executives,

“Small and mid-market companies are incredibly challenged by a lack of cost-effective means to comfortably and securely handle network management,” said one of the lead developers behind Enclave, SideChannel’s executive vice president David Chasteen, former CISO of GoFundMe and the San Francisco Police Department. “These companies want to focus on their business and their customers; not worry about who is accessing what server, or if the encryption installed is sufficient. We built Enclave to provide these companies an affordable and effective segmentation solution that significantly reduces the amount of effort required, through a simple and intuitive interface.”

Unlike enterprises and large-scale businesses, SMBs often lack the IT security staff and resources needed to effectively implement a Zero Trust security framework and microsegmentation to protect the organization’s data and assets. Meanwhile, reports show cyberattacks on SMBs have increased in recent years as organizations’ network attack surface has grown exponentially with remote and in-office workers increasingly relying on cloud environments, mobile devices, software applications, and third-party suppliers to conduct business.

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Enclave’s introduction to the market represents SideChannel’s first product release, expanding upon its cybersecurity services in providing middle market companies with highly experienced virtual CISOs at a potentially lower cost than hiring a full-time CISO or building an in-house information security team.

Launched in 2017, SideChannel has continued to expand its service offering, workforce, and customer base. To date, the company has attracted over 20 vCISOs to serve more than 50 clients across industries, including fintech, biotech, healthcare, manufacturing, legal, defense and technology services.

“We are thrilled to add the Enclave product and its powerful capabilities to SideChannel’s diverse vCISO delivery platform as we continue to expand our capabilities in the middle market,” said SideChannel Chief Executive Officer and Founder Brian Haugli, in a statement “We believe every company, regardless of size, deserves the highest level of cybersecurity services and best-in-class technology solutions with terms and options designed specifically to meet their needs in a manner that works for their budgets.”

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