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SABB wins Best Private Bank in Saudi Arabia 2023

The Saudi British Bank (SABB) has been named “The Best Private Bank in Saudi Arabia” for 2023 by Global Finance as part of its annual Excellence Awards, which recognize banks that best serve the specific needs of high-net-worth individuals as they strive to enhance, preserve, and pass on their wealth.

SABB was chosen for this award for its active contributions in the field of private banking services as well as its excellence in providing a variety of banking offers, services, and investment opportunities to assist customers in meeting their financial goals and aspirations. The award was based on input from industry insiders and independent research that evaluated a series of factors about the performance of private banks during the award period for accurate results.

“This award is a testament to our industry leadership in private banking and our ongoing efforts to support global entrepreneurs. For more than 40 years, SABB has provided all types of support and assistance with innovative banking and investment solutions to contribute to the growth of the national economy and the financial sector,” said Bandar Al Ghashyan, SABB’s Chief Retail Banking and Wealth Management Officer. “We are honored to provide a pioneering banking experience to private banking clients, backed by cutting-edge technology and a worldwide reach, and we will do everything we can to contribute to the growth of the financial sector in all areas.”

SABB is continuously working towards its vision under the slogan “We bring a world of financial opportunities to an ambitious Kingdom,” and is striving to provide the best private banking experience to its clients to help them achieve their financial goals by relying on the best financial and technical solutions, broad global reach, deep market understanding, and relationship teams specializing in wealth management and customer service.


About Saudi British Bank (SABB):

Saudi British Bank (SABB) is a licensed financial institution operating under supervision and control of the Saudi Central Bank. SABB was established in 1978G as a Saudi joint stock company. SABB is having a strategic partnership with the HSBC Group.

SABB offers integrated financial and banking services including personal banking, corporate banking, private banking as well as investment and treasury services. SABB paid-up capital is SAR 20.5 billion.

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