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PowerDFI Acquires Nigerian Startup Naijacrypto to Impove BlockChain Transparency And Security

Google has completed the acquisition of Mandiant, a publicly-traded American cybersecurity firm, in a $5.4 billion deal.

The leading global tech giant announced in a press release published on its Google Cloud Press Corner on Monday, September 12, 2022.

The new acquisition will see Mandiant operate under the auspices of Google Cloud, though the brand will continue to exist.

“We will retain the Mandiant brand and continue Mandiant’s mission to make every organization secure from cyber threats and confident in their readiness,” Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian disclosed.

Google’s promise to would-be customers is that it will keep all its data and infrastructure secure.

This means continually introducing new products to address the ever-changing threat landscape, though it sometimes means acquiring long-established incumbents with the expertise to bolster Google’s security proposition.

And that’s effectively what Google’s getting with Mandiant, giving it a major boost in terms of security data gathering capabilities, not to mention access to hundreds of security personnel.

Google and Mandiant share a long commitment to industry-leading security. Over the past two decades, Google has innovated to build some of the most secure computing systems in the world.

Google Cloud customers and partners benefit from these pioneering security capabilities including world-class threat intelligence, zero trust architecture, and planet-scale analytics for security operations.

Mandiant, which is known for delivering unparalleled frontline expertise and industry-leading threat intelligence, is a proven first responder to the world’s largest cybersecurity incidents.

The cyber security company services, delivered by their team of security and intelligence individuals spread across 22 countries, are widely recognized for helping top enterprises and organizations prepare for and react to cybersecurity incidents.

With this acquisition, Google Cloud and Mandiant will deliver an end-to-end security operations suite with even greater capabilities to support customers across their cloud and on-premise environments.

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