Polkadot Price Prediction – How Will DOT Perform Post Crypto Crash


One of the most widely known coins, Polkadot, has had a great ride in the past. It is for sure an excellent coin with distinctive features that we’ll discuss below, but a lot of great coins crashed because of the recent crypto market bear. Who’s to say Polkadot won’t face the same fate?

This article discusses the price prediction of Polkadot to see whether this coin has a future or not. In addition to that, we will also be discussing other coins like Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), Fight Out (FGHT), Dash 2 Trade (D2T), C+Charge (CCHG), RobotEra (TARO), & Calvaria (RIA) that are expected to perform well post-crypto crash. 

Polkadot Brief Overview

A public blockchain network, Polkadot, was created with the intention of connecting several block networks. The White Paper for this initiative was formally presented at the end of 2016 by Gavin Wood, a co-founder of Ethereum and the creator of Parity Technologies.

A vast number of blockchains may communicate with one another because of Polkadot. This open-source multi-chain sharding protocol permits cross-chain transfers of any kind of data or assets and not just tokens. 

By connecting public and private chains, permissionless networks, oracles, and emerging technologies, the Polkadot protocol enables these separate blockchains to exchange data and conduct transactions securely and dependably across the Polkadot relay chain. 

The native token of Polkadot, called DOT, has three distinct objectives: to offer network governance plus operations and to produce parachutes through collaboration.

Experts’ Views

Polkadot’s price began at $27.26 in 2022, according to Coinpriceforecast. Polkadot’s price has dropped by -80% since the start of the year. Polkadot is currently trading around all time low numbers and despite a small uptake in price lately Polkadot is still not out of the woods.

The Polkadot price is predicted to  increase to $6.71 in the first half of 2023; in the second, it should increase by $0.28 to complete the year at $6.99, which is a 30% increase over the present price.

On the other hand, according to Coinpedia, if the network receives the necessary resolutions from the makers, marketers would invest significantly in the protocol. Consequently, the price can increase to its possible high of $6.8618. 

On the negative side, the altcoin may drop to $6.1201 under the extended bearish rule. However, if buying and selling pressures are balanced, the price may reach $6.4909. To sum it up, although Polkadot’s past performance was worth noting, experts have mixed sentiments about it performing well post-crypto market crash.

Other Coins Expected To Perform Well Post Crypto Crash

While DOT has been receiving mixed views from experts about its price predictions in the near future, there are some coins that are expected to perform really well post-crypto crash. Let’s discuss them.

  • Meta Masters Guild- Popular Metaverse coin presale 
  • Fight Out – M2E coin with a big future
  • Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – Top Cutting-Edge Analysis
  • C+Charge – Carbon credits for EV drivers
  • RobotEra (TARO) – Brand New Crypto With Shared Multiverse
  • Calvaria (RIA) – Best P2E Card Game

Meta Masters Guild

Many P2E crypto projects have failed thus far and have turned into pump and dump failures. This is mostly due to the quality of the games as players tend to take their rewards and move on elsewhere. Meta Master Guild are trying to stop this trend by making the first Web3 mobile gaming platform.

The guild is supposed to create a sense of community that traditional gaming brought to games like Halo and Call of Duty. They are also taking the step of separating their native currency from the currency you earn during games. This means that actually crypto will be used to improve on the games and enhance users’ experience. Think of it as a play and earn model rather than a play 2 earn model is the message they wish to pass on to gamers. The presale has just begun too so the price of MEMAG is very affordable.

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Fight Out 

The Move2Earn sector of crypto has so far been quite successful and seems to have been mostly insulated from the crypto crash experienced last November. So, pinpointing an M2E coin that might make massive gains is something all investors should be trying to do. For us that coin is Fight Out. Compared to other M2E coins it seems the most comprehensive and has the best features by quite a bit.

Users will be able to log in via the app and set up a profile, from here Fight Out will be able to build personalized workouts that take into account everything from their users strengths to the equipment they have available. The real incentive for Fight Out users is that by surpassing their goals they can earn the native currency, REP. This can be used to buy items in their great store or even unlock more workouts to achieve their highest possible goals.

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Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

One of our top picks for the best cryptocurrency to purchase during down markets is Dash 2 Trade. Dash 2 Trade serves as the social analytics platform for Dash 2 Trade. The cryptocurrency project wants to give you enough knowledge to enable you to choose wisely.

The usefulness of Dash 2 Trade is not over yet. It includes an AI-powered market sentiment analysis that instantly recognises the demand for specific cryptocurrencies among the crypto community and directs you to potentially successful deals. 

This raises the possibility of success while lowering the risk connected with the cryptocurrency market. Because of its clear intention to serve as a hub for market information for the cryptocurrency industry, analysts have given it the title “Bloomberg trading terminal version” for the developing crypto area.

Dash 2 Trade

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In recent years everyone is realizing that environmentally conscious business or where the future lies. A big part of this is Carbon credits, the crypto community is coming to realize this too. That is why projects like C+Charge, who aim to reward electric vehicle drivers for doing their bit for the environment, have so much buzz surrounding their presales.

C+Charge are looking at the charging station situation in particular as they believe it currently discourages rather than attracts customers to the market. The problem is local municipalities tend to be in charge of the stations and they may not have enough knowledge or funding to treat them with the proper care. 

The C+charge app will allow peer to peer payments directly from users crypto wallets which will remove the inconsistent payment choices found now. They will also have up to date information for all the stations in their app users vicinity. As a brilliant added bonus, C+Charge users will even be able to earn carbon credits the more they charge up their vehicles.

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RobotEra (TARO)

In November 2022, TARO, the newest addition to the list of the finest cryptocurrencies to invest in, will make its debut. RobotEra‘s blockchain, a sandbox-style constructing metaverse, is powered by the platform token. 

In this project, robots are your representatives. You are responsible for running the planet, gathering resources, and building robot allies. You are unrestricted in your ability to build any ecosystem you like.

You can use a shared multiverse, which connects to other worlds, to access additional metaverse ecosystem resources. As a result, you can create, share, and trade NFT-based commodities in the RobotEra environment while also opening theme parks and attending concerts.


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Calvaria (RIA)

Calvaria is one of the best cryptocurrencies that can be purchased. The project Calvaria: Duels of Eternity, which is also coming to the end of its presale, is powered by RIA. The entertaining tool known as Calvaria is used to amuse gamers. Gamification tools and players are being used to encourage the adoption of cryptocurrencies. The card-collecting game on the platform has two variants. There are two choices: free-to-play and play-to-earn (P2E) (F2P).

Those who are not interested in using cryptocurrency are the focus of F2P. Both standard gameplay and an engaging story mode are included in this game. In order to defeat other players, you must assemble the finest possible card deck.


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To wrap it up, experts are predicting DOT’s price in the near future in different ways.  There are uncertainties and mixed feelings involved with expectations from DOT post-crypto crash. And while we are not sure about DOT’s future, we can say that the cryptos mentioned above, are highly recommended as they look set to explode soon.

From sustainable cryptos to ultimate gaming experiences and unique, distinctive features, they have it all, which is why you need to get your hands on them- well, virtually, now!

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