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Pismo supports NG.CASH in providing a processing platform for core banking and payments services

By Edlyn Cardoza

Pismo, NG.CASH, Financial Life, Financial Services, Microservices, FinTech, Pix, APIs, Cashback, Rio de Janeiro, BrazilThe financial services company NG.CASH is focused on Gen Z. It was created in 2021 and, in a short time, surpassed the mark of 1 million accounts opened. In 2022, the company received an investment round to continue the growth of its user base, expand the team and diversify the range of financial products for Generation Z. To scale the operation quickly with high safety standards, the company chose Pismo as a technology partner to provide a complete processing platform for core banking and payments services, cloud-native and microservices-based.

“The adoption of Pismo reinforces our technology DNA and allows us to scale our operation efficiently and securely while maintaining high standards of security and availability. In addition, the transition to the platform brought a reduction in operating costs and allowed the expansion of the offer of financial products for generation Z, keeping us relevant in the daily lives of our customers,” says Petrus Arruda, COO of NG.CASH.

NG.CASH developed the project with Pismo in six months. It enabled FinTech from Rio de Janeiro to launch, with other partners, its new credit card for generation Z, operating with its own payment institution license. In addition, the company already offers Pix, recharge of games and cell phones, payment of slips, scheduled allowance, and other features.

The Pismo platform brings a set of microservices and APIs for payment processing and core banking. These ‘building blocks’ enable financial companies like NG.CASH to quickly build and launch new products and services. As it is cloud-based, the platform allows systems to be scaled as the business grows while maintaining high security and availability standards.

“Supported by Pismo, NG.CASH will be able to grow by offering tailored services to an essentially digital audience eager for news”, says Ricardo Josua, Co-Founder and CEO of Pismo.

NG.CASH wants to differentiate itself with features such as application customisation, services, and investment options that meet the demands of generation Z, in addition to cashback and a discount marketplace.

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