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Since its inception in 2009, the crypto space has garnered immense interest from around the world. But it is still nascent, and not many understand how this new digital asset actually works. Therefore, to make things easier and crypto simpler, BT, in partnership with CoinDCX, has come up with Cryptonomics. Learn everything about crypto from the experts themselves. Explainer videos, crypto blogs, FAQs, quizzes, and everything else that it takes to make your crypto journey easy.

Ramalingam Subramanian, Head of Brand, Marketing, and Communications, CoinDCX, said: “We are delighted to partner with Business Today for cryptonomics, a holistic platform designed to help users easily learn about crypto assets with simple, relevant and engaging content. The launch of the Cryptonomics platform is an effort from CoinDCX to educate the masses, dispel misconceptions, and pave the way ahead for both novice and seasoned investors. CoinDCX strongly believes in the power of education as the means of democratizing access to the crypto industry. We stand committed to the crypto revolution in India and through Cryptonomics, we aim to empower the larger population of the country.”

Aabha Bakaya, Editor & Senior Anchor, Business Today TV, said: “Investor Education is imperative at a time when things are so volatile and a whole new generation of investors are exploring crypto as a new asset class. How to manoeuvre it, what is the future and where they can find value in this technology – we explore some of these deeper questions on Cryptonomics.”

According to Web3 will contribute $1.1 Trillion to India’s GDP, propelling the digital Indian economy’s value from $5 Billion in 2021 to $262 billion by 2031, as per a US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) report.
Global market cap of over one trillion dollars, more than 5000 coins/tokens in the market, and millions of people investing every day. Well, there has been a lot going on in the crypto world, ever since it came into existence in 2009. But despite all the developments, there is still a dearth of credible information regarding this new genre of digital asset class. How did this newer digital asset become an investment asset class that made millions take notice? How can you, as a novice, start investing in the crypto market? What are the dos and don’ts of investing in the crypto market? How the government plans to induct digital currency into the existing framework?

Well, for the common, novice investors, the questions are too many, but the answers are few. That is why BT, in partnership with CoinDCX, is coming up with Cryptonomics. One unique platform to educate you on everything about crypto and help you, as an investor, have a deeper and more holistic knowledge about the crypto market. Cryptonomics will bring you informative and educational posts, blogs, FAQs, quizzes, opinion polls, crypto explainer videos, World Investor Week, and interaction with renowned crypto experts – all in one single platform.

Cryptonomics aims to delve deep into the fascinating world of crypto and explain the various concepts and ideas about crypto in an educative, yet interesting way. Through various interesting blogs and explainer videos, we will help investors why they should consider diversifying into crypto assets and how to develop a well-balanced asset allocation strategy to grow their wealth. What are the various crypto trading and investment strategies? As an amateur or seasoned crypto investor, why must you evaluate and choose an appropriate crypto strategy basis your financial goals.

But just like investing in any other assets, there are certain precautions that you, as an investor, must always adhere to. This is why Cryptonomics will bring you crypto experts, leading investors, entrepreneurs, technology experts, and cyber security professionals from all across the world, to answer all your crypto queries and help you invest wisely. Additionally, don’t forget the golden rule, do your own research before you make any investment decisions!
Blockchain, the technology that forms the basis of crypto, is another interesting topic that invariably comes up every time we talk about crypto. So, in Cryptonomics, digital technology experts, crypto experts, and cyber security experts from all around the world will help you understand what blockchain technology actually is and how it functions. So come along as we try to explain the very working principles of crypto and how governments across the world are planning to make it a part of their existing socio-economic framework. Crypto and blockchain are at a nascent stage, and it will take some time to become mainstream.

Adoption of the crypto asset class is ever-increasing, and we need to harness this demand to shape the future of our innovation-led economy. It is an emerging asset class that has the potential to redefine our financial system.  Make your crypto journey easier with, Cryptonomics. it’s not just another show, it’s the encyclopedia of crypto!

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