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MICROFINANCE EVENT: Islamic Finance & Banking Summit; February 27-28, 2023; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The second iteration of this event is organized with the goal of developing strategies for elevating the Islamic finance industry. The agenda offers sessions – in-person and on-line – such as: (1) Economic Growth, FDI [Foreign Direct Investment] & Islamic Banking Developments; (2) Leveraging Islamic Banking and Finance for SMEs [Small and Medium-sized Enterprises] & Entrepreneurship; (3) Cybersecurity Aspects for Islamic Financial Institutions; (4) Adopting FinTech [Financial Technology] Solutions and Evolving Technologies; (5) Islamic Social Finance – Integrating Solutions & Strategies for Short- and Long-term Socio-economic Outcomes; and (6) Islamic Microfinance – Enabling Women’s Access to Economic Empowerment.

The organizers also will host an award ceremony with three categories: (1) Leading Islamic FinTech Company; (2) Leading Islamic Bank; and (3) Leading Islamic Sustainable Investment.

Background on Organizer: Founded in 2010 and headquartered in the UAE, Nispana Global is an international business management company that organizes business conferences, exhibitions and trainings. The firm has branch locations in India, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Cost: Available upon request

For further information, you may call +971 4554 2185 or email enquiry[at] or enquiry[at]

By Renata Samadova, Research Associate

Sources and Additional Resources

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