Life is a paradox and there are no rules, says founder of fintech startup Hugosave

Life is a paradox, says Ben Davies, co-founder and chief operating officer of fintech startup Hugosave.

In 1933, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt said in his inaugural address that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Ninety years later, Hugosave Chief Operating Officer Ben Davies says this mantra has helped him in life and business —and it can do the same for you too.

“I think the greatest lesson I’ve learned from my own humble life is the fear of the fear itself is probably one’s greatest fear,” the co-founder of the fintech startup told CNBC’s Make It.

“90% of the time, those fears don’t necessarily manifest and it’s wasted energy.” Davies explains that the difficulty lies in what to do with that fear and balancing the need to step back and march forward.

“I think you have to have the courage to be fearful to know when, when you’re hit with an obstacle, sometimes it’s not smart, or courageous to climb over the top, but it’s actually to step back and work your way around it,” he said.

“But I’d also say that the greatest moment of fear is often the moment you need to have the courage to step forward and take that leap — that leap of faith,” Davies added.

So what advice does Davies have for those trying to find that balance?

“Fear is something you can be comfortable with. Sometimes you should keep it close to you,” he explained.

“When standing on the edge of a cliff 500 feet above the ocean, with a sheer drop, it’s right to be fearful. Is it courageous at that point to jump off? I would probably argue not. You’re not going to survive.”

This is just one of Ben Davies’ biggest lessons. Watch the video above to learn more. 

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