Is John McAfee Still Alive?

  • McAfee’s Ex-Girlfriend Samantha Herrera says the notorious software developer faked his death
  • Herrera claims that McAfee called her after his death
  • McAfee faced 30 years in prison 

In the new Netflix narrative, “Running with the Devil: The Wild World of John McAfee,” movie producers test the crypto evangelist’s turbulent life and puzzling demise — including previous sweetheart Samantha Herrera’s case that he is as yet alive and living in Texas.

The narrative, which debuts on August 24, is coordinated by Bafta-winning chief Charlie Russell and utilizations a combination of crude film and meetings to look at McAfee’s disturbed life.

In a meeting with Esquire, Russell says he started discussions with McAfee about a potential narrative after the tech business person went on the run for tax avoidance. 

Janice McAfee did not respond to a request for comment

Russell says he informed McAfee and, in the wake of furnishing his qualifications and conversing with him, was welcome to go along with him and film.

At the point when gotten some information about Herrera’s cases that McAfee called her after his demise, Russell let Esquire know that he doesn’t have any idea what he thinks and doesn’t figure Herrera does by the same token.

As per the New York Post, McAfee experienced a respiratory failure in 2012, after which he severed his relationship with Herrera, which she told questioners started when she was 18. He along these lines wedded Janice Dyson.

McAfee’s widow Janice McAfee didn’t answer a solicitation for input from Decrypt. Yet, she, therefore, tweeted that her late spouse had to be sure to die.

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McAfee’s remains are still in a Spanish morgue.

McAfee had to deal with 30 years in jail on tax avoidance penalties from a supposed ICO siphon and dump plot that specialists express got more than $23 million.

You are interrogating the way in which you feel concerning watching this man, who no question has done a few horrible things, Russell told Esquire. 

Individuals who encompass him know about how terrible he can be and the way in which happy he can be, so it’s about how you balance those two things out.

In June 2021, McAfee kicked the bucket from clear self-destruction while in authority in Spain. McAfee’s widow keeps on scrutinizing the authority subtleties of her significant other’s passing and has begun a request mission to compel the Spanish government to deliver her significant other’s remaining parts so a free examination can be performed.

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