GSMC 2022: Focus on leveraging fintech in the Metaverse

The 2022 edition of the Global Strategic Management Conference (GSMC) was focused on FinTech in Metaverse: Challenges, Opportunities and Future Trends detailing the insight into the usage of financial technology in the metaverse. The two-day conference was aimed at blending cross-cultural perspectives and diverse opinions of Academicians, Corporate Professionals as well as the Government.

In its third year, the chief guest at the inaugural session was KC Jha, Advisor- Business Functions and Integration, GeM (Government e-Marketplace), Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. Jha emphasised how GeM incorporated financial technology to procure common-use goods and services with minimal human interface. The Advisor also spoke on how technology is used for pricing, security, and business initiatives in the government sector.

The inaugural session on day 1 also had a panel discussion on “Unleashing the Power of FinTech” that included four professors from the United States and one from South Korea, while it was moderated by Dr Shalini Gautam, Associate Professor, DMS and Dr Rashmi Chawla, Associate Professor, DMS.

The panel discussion detailed how fintech has shown a considerable rise over the past few years, particularly concerning the role of technology-based platforms in the provision of credit. In this context, P2p lending has acquired increasing importance, with a large share of loans originating from P2P platforms instead of traditional banking channels. Like any business, technology plays a crucial role, and innovations will be the heart and blood of the fintech industry in the future.

An online workshop on “Digital Payments in the Era of FinTech” was held during the two-day conference. Amongst the experts was Vaibhav Tambe, Co-Founder & CEO, TransBnk, who spoke about the rising trend of digital payments and how one can ensure safety while paying digitally.

The second day involved Research Paper Presentations from Academic Researchers and people from the Industry. It started with Dr Shuchi Goel, Convenor, Global Strategic Management Conference 2022, presenting the report of the conference, post which was a Valedictory ceremony consisting of industry experts again from companies such as Biz2Credit & Biz2X, Infoaxon Technologies, and Gyandhan.

Industry experts talked about the digital transformation in the era of FinTech, along with how FinTech can be a solution in the education industry. The GSMC 2022 concluded with Dr Rashmi Chawla, Co-Convenor, Global Strategic Management Conference 2022 giving the vote of thanks.

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