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Exfor is Introducing a New Business Model

Labuan, Malaysia – (NewMediaWire) – January 13, 2023 – Exfor, an LFSA-regulated and recognized trading platform combining cutting-edge technology and deep-level knowledge to revolutionize the forex market, has launched a new business model. According to the team, this model will allow Exfor to eliminate a few challenges facing the fx market, opening up opportunities for potential growth and expansion. Today’s market is a minefield for retail investorsthey pay the most, receive information at the slowest pace, and are not regulated. Exfor’s business model will allow the average trader to execute trades on the same level as the top dogs from Wall Street.

Exfor’s newfangled financial model is a subscription-based one. Clients would need to subscribe either monthly, quarterly, or annually to receive raw spreads and exclusive entry into the forex market. As one of the novel products of this company, Exfor is focused on challenging the status quo of the financial market, leading the movement to dispel incumbent problems and espousing progressive, innovative ideas.

The first-of-its-kind in the forex market, the subscription format aligns perfectly with Exfor’s goal to continuously and diligently ameliorate how users enter financial markets. Exfor further integrates a separate bank account where clients’ funds are securely stored.

The Unique Financial Model

Exfor’s newly launched subscription model will see clients pay a monthly fee of $25 and receive first-grade spreads and unlimited access to over eighty financial instruments, as stated on the website. The subscription-based model rids any form of company-client conflicts that may arise, offering clients transparent, secure, and innovative access to the forex market.

Exfor’s subscription model eliminates commissions. Subscribed members will receive raw spreads and will not need to pay a commission for each transaction. The Exfor team understands the market condition and users and aims to cater to their needs through this subscription-based approach.

Exfor, unlike its competitors, strives to create a genuinely transparent and commission-free platform where users not only have financial freedom but are free to take as many trading actions as they see fit. Clients will get full and unrestricted access to spreads at a zero commission rate for monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription plans.

Exfor’s newfangled business model will allow traders to get away from the enslaving and unprotected systems of payment platforms. Users only need to make a minimum payment as a monthly subscription package instead of paying huge percentages as commission from their successful trades. This business model is the first in the market; no other competitor offers such a lucrative offer to private investors.

“Usually, a trader pays a lot of commissions for his transactions, which is ten times more than a trader on stocks. We, for $25 a month, give such an excellent opportunity as the lowest spread on the market and full transparency of all our transactions,” the Exfor team states.

The Exfor Team

The Exfor team comprises experts and professionals in the forex and tech development industries. Ivan Marchena’s decade of experience in financial technology is a testament to Exfor’s mission to employ only the best minds in the field.

Another brilliant mind on the Exfor team is Khaled Alkheder, a renowned financial consultant with a Ph.D. in International Economics. Khaled’s over half of a decade’s experience in the financial and banking sector as Regional Head for many brokerage firms comes in handy at Exfor.

Roadmap, Incumbent, and Potential Partnerships

Exfor is committed to delivering a veritable, secure, and technologically advanced trading platform for clients. The company has partnered with various technical development support firms like FxBackOffice, Brokeree Solutions, Metaquotes, Your Bourse, etc. The team hopes to keep collaborating with more tech-based firms, and currently, negotiations are underway with renowned representatives in the fx market.

Exfor plans to expand the company, entering new markets in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. While offices are scattered in most parts, Exfor plans to enter fresh markets like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, Jordan, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, etc. Additionally, the team is working to build an investment bank within the next two years.

About Exfor

Exfor is a recognized and regulated trading service provider constantly seeking to improve existing trading products and conditions. Through this novel and unprecedented subscription-based financial model, Exfor will eliminate some of the obstacles hindering the growth of the fx market. Exfor Limited, in addition to safeguarding of client funds, offers a Client Fund Protection Policy via Insurance Policy Number: AMK/0908345/908680/2022 issued by the Africa Merchant Assurance Sum insured: up to USD 1,000,000 per claimant.

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