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cTrader Desktop 4.6 Introduces cBots Fault Tolerance, New Methods in Automate API, and Backtest Improvements

Spotware has shared the release of a new version of cTrader Desktop 4.6, which offers multiple valuable updates to cTrader Automate, as well as a whole range of convenience perks for manual trading.

The new cBots Fault Tolerance feature allows cBots to keep on running even when unhandled exceptions occur, proving for a more productive job with no interruptions. Users can now also benefit from backtesting cBots on Renko and Range charts.

The release further sees an addition of several new Automate API methods to calculate order volume or Stop Loss distance based on risk, as well as opens up a whole variety of user convenience improvements – from easy currency conversion and algo instance ID differentiation to the ability to export cBot optimization settings for future re-use, and using local storage to persist data without requesting full access.

Spotware’s Head of Product, Alexander Strelnikov, says, “cTrader Desktop 4.6 is a very useful release for our algo developers and cTrader Automate users. From highly-user-requested additions, such as backtesting on Renko and Range charts, to the very critical ones for users’ algo operations, such as cBots Fault Tolerance. Additionally, the release sees minor, yet pleasant convenience perks, alike Custom Mouse Wheel Action and easily definable Color Parameter Types.”

Please feel free to discuss the new additions and ask any follow-up questions via the cTrader Community Board, cTrader Official Telegram channel, or Facebook Group.

About Spotware – cTrader

cTrader, a premium trading platform offered by leading brokers and trusted by millions of traders worldwide, is the flagship product of Spotware, an award-winning financial technology provider specializing in complete business solutions and complex custom development projects. cTrader is a one-of-a-kind platform that doesn’t engage in trader fraud and prides itself on 100% transparency while providing brokers with a complete solution that raises their brand value by putting them in a category of brokers that can be trusted while simultaneously catering to the needs of all their traders. From complete beginners to professionals, the cTrader Suite offers numerous trading modes – cTrader Trade, cTrader Copy, cTrader Automate, and features availability on Web, Desktop, and Mobile devices. Spotware has been raising the standards of the online trading industry since 2010, providing constant innovation ever since. Founded on the values of transparency and the TradersFirst™ approach, the company develops products responsive to the changing demands of the business and regulatory landscape while serving the long-term interests of all market participants.

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