Cryptocurrency based unveils its futures credit feature for investors

Cryptocurrency exchange has announced the launch of its futures credit feature, to enable users/investors increase their cryptocurrency holdings without using their funds. Investors who prefer to buy and hold digital assets for an extended period can leverage the future credit feature to further capitalise on market movements. 

According to, its futures credit is a digital fund that loans rewards to its users to help understand the exchange’s perpetual futures trading for eligible registered users to benefit from participating. To provide registered users with more opportunities for trading, the exchange claims to offer a one-to-one futures credit for every USDT deposited. Users will be able to reap profit while experiencing the unique contract feature of Unlike spot trading where investors benefit when the price is trending upwards, the exchange’s future contracts and features can gives traders exposure to cryptocurrencies without the need to invest large amounts of underlying assets. 

“We look forward to launch the future credit feature for our users across the globe with the aim to provide liquidity to the cryptocurrency ecosystem in the form of a digital fund. Futures contracts were invented to reduce risk for producers, consumers, and investors. However, it is advised to trade or invest in products that you are familiar with and understand the risks associated with them,” Jennifer Lu, co-founder,, said.

Futures credit provides opportunities for users to profit regardless of the price fluctuation of the asset. First appearance of index futures was made in India in the year 2000. Following this, individual stock futures started a few years afterwards. The higher one’s volume of transactions is, the larger will be their profit margin.

Going by’s official website, it claims to have 180 employees worldwide who are serving more than 1.1 million registered users in 175 countries.

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