Crypto Spawns Its Own Lingo as Investors Talk the Talk

Are you a soy boy or a bag holder? Do you have diamond hands? 

And are you ready for the Flippening? 

As if cryptocurrency isn’t confusing enough already, the digital dough has spawned its own language. 

Given crypto’s history of wild rides, a lot of investors probably have words of their own they’d like to use — most of which have four letters.

Language is an ever-changing thing, with words and expressions going in and out of fashion with brain-busting speed. 

New Tech, New Words

“New technologies are accompanied by new language because they’re new; that is, things and processes that never existed before need a place in the vocabulary so that we can talk about them,” said Michael Adams, an English professor at the University of Indiana. “We all adopt technology so easily that we often can’t imagine life without it or the words we use to operate and live with the technologies.”

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