Cascadia Carbon Partners with for Carbon-Negative Asset-Backed NFT Development

VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / January 12, 2023 / Cascadia Carbon, a US/Canadian company championing the net-zero movement, announces its partnership with (“Polygon”), a Delaware company, for the development of an asset-backed ERC NFT protocol (“The Protocol”) on the MATIC blockchain.

The alliance between both companies was initiated in NYC in 2021 at NFT.NYC, where Cascadia Carbon’s founder, Alex Wick, MSc. met Sandeep Nailwal, one of Polygon’s co-founders, and discussed cryptocurrency’s unsustainable energy usage. The officially signed partnership commenced in November 2022, after the Ethereum merger to proof of stake, and over a year of development and negotiations. The contractual exchange of services agreement between both parties, seeks to improve Polygon’s sustainability efforts via the monetization of carbon offsets through Cascadia Carbon’s #NFTree protocol and $CODEX ERC-20 cryptocurrency. “As one of the forerunners in emerging green technologies, we are always keen to work on innovative technical projects. Drawing from my years of experience in the technology and forestry spaces and Polygon’s FinTech industry expertise, we finally have a team of committed technical experts willing to go the extra mile for the Polygon project,” Alex Wick, founder of Cascadia Carbon said.

In exchange for Cascadia Carbon’s assistance with MRV utilizing their $CODEX cryptocurrency, Polygon will offer developer support, marketing services, and the possibility of a $15,000 crypto grant, all intended to promote Cascadia Carbon’s CODEX. This will entail acknowledging Cascadia Carbon’s CODEX on their official social media accounts by uploading or retweeting a post by Cascadia Carbon. However, at their discretion, they may also render other promotional services for them.

Commenting on this partnership, Alex Wick stated, “Our recent marketing services agreement with is a major step towards achieving our long term goals. Polygon has a large market reach across our target audience of crypto-savvy homeowners and young creators, and this affiliation will broaden our clientele base. I foresee us having a very long and pleasant business relationship as their team members have been very responsive and supportive. In the foreseeable future, we also look forward to partnering with other forward-thinking organizations that share the same vision and drive as us.”

About Cascadia Carbon:

Cascadia Carbon is a carbon-neutral environmental technology company founded in January 2019. The company’s offerings are centered around curbing global warming through impactful investments and the creation of “true” carbon offsets from carbon-negative assets. Their first product, $CODEX, is the world’s only cryptocurrency rooted in physical assets with a guaranteed return, monetizing and incentivizing the fight against climate change.

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