Can BLUNT Surpass Crypto Assets Like MANA And DOGE In 2023?

The cryptocurrency community is scuttling with the anticipation of a bull run. Traders are seeking coins, which might make them profit by trading cryptos. BudBlockz is one coin that has grabbed the interest of top traders is BudBlockz. It is believed to have concealed riches.

BudBlockz has been gaining momentum with investors and traders since its Presale began. Even though the token is still unknown to all, it might be the newest cryptocurrency whale in 2023. The concept of uniting the cannabis industry and blockchain technology is working wonders for the cryptocurrency. It has already sold more than 35% of its tokens in the presale stage.

Cryptocurrency experts are forecasting the great potential for BudBlockz in the coming days as the marijuana industry keeps growing worldwide.

What is BudBlockz?

BudBlockz is the first decentralized eCommerce platform connecting corporations and individuals interested in the cannabis market. The token stands to support the global marijuana market by enhancing security through decentralized blockchain technology and ensuring complete privacy for its investors.

The decriminalization and legalization of cannabis are gathering pace across the world. Also, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are becoming more ubiquitous and established. Sure, there are a few tokens and platforms that operate in both arenas. However, BudBlockz is creating an ecosystem that includes what has gone while developing something new.

BudBlockz aims to develop a community to improve the cannabis industry. The unique platform can benefit anyone involved, including farms, users, cafes, related businesses, dispensaries, and individuals looking to invest in this growing sector.

BudBlockz platform facilitates the selling, buying, and trading of virtual and physical cannabis items. It is a decentralized economy with the first-supported NFTs for marijuana products worldwide, with its token being used as the medium of exchange. It ensures secure global transactions that can bypass the banking system so that users can engage in its transactions, regardless of location.

BudBlockz as an Investment

Since it has been built on blockchain technology, individuals investing in it can access the cannabis sector and cryptocurrency simultaneously, regardless of the local laws and functions. It lets them invest in the cannabis market to grow their investment.

Moreover, investors buying NFT can gain percentage ownership of a cannabis dispensary or farm. It promotes the community, aids businesses, and allows global investors complete and direct exposure to the cryptocurrency industry- including the ability to postulate and profit from the sector’s growth. According to a recent report, the marijuana market will be worth more than US$200 billion by the decade’s end. So, this can be an attractive opportunity for those looking to invest their money.

Will BudBlockz Surpass MANA and DOGE?

MANA might be the first crypto-based gaming platform in the world and might be able to combat BudBlockz. It is the first browser-based virtual platform to establish crypto as a unit of exchange in the virtual gaming ecosystem. It has introduced true ownership for all virtual assets within a secure network, letting players buy and sell digital goods, avatars, and assets within its marketplace.

Its tokenomics depend on buying goods, land, and other virtual assets on the Decentraland platform to ensure the growing value of its coin.

Dogecoin is the original meme coin that has been making its mark since 2013. Although it began as a joke, its popularity, and support from Elon Musk, the crypto enthusiasts have kept it bullish for several years. Doge saw a dip through most of 2022, but when Musk announced that he was taking over Twitter in late October, DOGE saw an increase in its prices.

Even though Dogecoin and Decentraland are expected to have a good year in 2023, BudBlockz might surpass their success.

BudBlockz is still in its development phase. It is creating a 24/7 open marketplace operating within the legal jurisdiction of cannabis. Economists are forecasting a global market cap of more than $200 billion. $BLUNT governs the community to enhance transparent and fair cannabis trading for all. It ensures complete security and transparency in the global cannabis market.


In 2023, more territories are aiming to legalize marijuana officially, which will see the industry grow at an alarming rate. With the expansion of the industry, BudBlockz will be there for cannabis enthusiasts who prefer making blockchain transactions.

$BLUNT can leap ahead of popular meme coins like DOGE and MANA due to its connection to the escalating industry for a certain purpose.

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