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Boon: How this startup is making hydration high-tech

Boon (formerly known as Swajal) is a water-tech startup aiming to challenge the status quo of drinking water with technology and innovation. Currently, plastic bottled water is damaging the environment and our health, while existing water purifiers are extremely inefficient and reduce the mineral content in water. Boon’s water purifiers, backed by advanced technologies, are said to be upto 4 times more efficient than standard purifiers and can have upto three times more minerals.

Singapore-headquartered Boon, with R&D and manufacturing in Gurgaon, has developed, what is claimed to be, the world’s first and only AI-enabled IoT water purification platform, Clairvoyant. This is a water system that helps everything from homes to corporates in tracking, customising and analysing drinking water round-the-clock. This technology was later deployed to enable hotels and offices to remove plastic bottles from their premises, says the company co-founder, Vibha Tripathi.

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Boon water purifiers and dispensers enabled with high-tech IoT are continuously able to monitor the quality and quantity of water in real-time helping you get the cleanest water everyday. Using AI tools and systems, every Boon water purifier and dispenser is capable of assessing and predicting equipment health and suggesting maintenance tips like filter change and service time, Tripathi explains.

Boon started with the development of a unique product, WaterATM, which was deployed widely for social impact and to bring affordable drinking water to masses. On the commercial side, the company has done a nifty job in replacing plastic bottles from hotels with sustainable glass water bottles with its innovative systems with Zero Mile Water concept. “Our proprietary Zero Mile Water creates a safe and affordable circular system to purify and package drinking water in glass bottles and remove plastic bottles from the pollution chain,” says Tripathi.

The company’s product range now has WaterSense, a plug-n-play water monitoring system to keep an eye on the quality and quantity of water in real-time. WaterCube, another product, is a system designed for the hospitality sector that washes, sterilises, fills, and seals glass water bottles. Lastly, WaterFlo, a water filling and dispensing system that makes water distribution an automated and easy task.

“We are expanding our technology to help organisations reduce reliance on plastic water bottles by enabling hotels and offices to adopt a more sustainable hydration system. With Clairvoyant’s monitoring platform, we have deployed plants in villages, railway stations, hospitals, universities and schools. Through this technology, we are eliminating nearly 1 million plastic options every day,” Tripathi reveals.

In other words, with Boon’s technology, the glass is always full.

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