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Axiom Bank partners with Cable

US-based financial institution Axiom Bank has partnered with Cable to automate financial crime compliance development for the bank’s fintech program.

By integrating the financial crime compliance testing platform provided by Cable, Axiom Bank will have the possibility to grasp automated assurance and oversight processes across the programs offered by its partner. 

According to Axiom Bank officials, the partnership with Cable offers them the opportunity to enhance visibility across and into each of the fintech programs that are part of the bank’s structure. This enables them to respond appropriately and fast to any issue, concerns, problems, or emergency that might occur, giving their fintech collaborators an improved customer experience.

Through a suite of tools and services concentrated on financial crime requirements, such as tech-enabled risk assessments, quality assurance, management information, automated assurance, or reporting, Cable’s platform offers its clients and partners the possibility to offer their products on the market more efficiently and safely.

US-based financial institution Axiom Bank has partnered with Cable to automate financial crime compliance development for the bank’s fintech program.

Cable’s financial crime compliance strategy

Cable is an automated financial crime assurance provider that offers its customers numerous services and products to help them prevent and eliminate financial threats, such as online fraud. The company had multiple partnerships recently, covering multiple geographies. 

In January of 2023, Cable announced its collaboration with the UK-based credit card startup Yonder, to improve its financial crime compliance and oversight processes. 

Through this partnership, the credit card company wanted to automate its financial crime assurance and oversight by using Cable’s complete effectiveness testing platform. The company believed that Cable’s automated monitoring process across its financial crime controls helped it to address any issue or problem immediately, meet its regulatory requirements, and focus on improving client’s experiences as well.

Axiom Bank’s partnerships

Axiom Bank is a financial institution that offers individual customers and small-to-middle size businesses a range of banking services, solutions, and products utilising an open technology approach. Furthermore, it also provides BaaS services and payment capabilities to partner programs seeking to use multiple financial products in a seamless management platform. 

In October of 2022, the company announced its collaboration with the UK-based firm BankiFi to make banking for SMBs better across the US. 

Following this partnership, Axiom Bank’s SMB customers were able to track and manage their business finances better using BankiFi’s embedded banking products. BankiFi’s Open Cash Management platform can be integrated with accounting packages popular across the US, including ones like XERO and QuickBooks. The system can also handle the collection, reconciliation, and matching of invoice payments submitted through multiple payment networks in a fast and secure way. 

This collaboration is a part of Axiom Bank’s plan to grow the SMB customer base, while aiming to fill a void within the suite of digital financial workflows designed for the SMB vertical. The solution allows payments to be collected faster and data integration to be automated, while proving merchants with valuable business insights. 

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