7 Best Crypto ICOs and Token Presales to Invest in 2023

Looking for the best ICO crypto? Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) give investors the chance to buy a coin before it lists on an exchange. This is a key opportunity. At this stage, the coin’s growth potential is at its highest.

Below we outline seven outstanding opportunities from among the upcoming crypto ICOs in 2023.

7 Best Crypto ICOs and Token Presales to Invest in 2023

Presale cryptocurrency is often an absolute steal for investors willing to take a risk because many presales feature a guaranteed rise in coin value during the presale stages.

  1. FightOut: Move-to-Earn Sensation and Best Crypto Presale for 2023
  2. Dash 2 Trade: Pioneering Crypto Investment Platform In Upcoming ICO
  3. C+Charge: EV Charging Crypto in One of the Biggest ICOs of 2023
  4. RobotEra: Metaverse Coin in One of the Best Crypto Presales in 2023
  5. Calvaria: Exciting Play-2-Earn Altcoin Among Best ICO Cryptos
  6. IMPT: Carbon Credit Coin in One of the Best Cryptocurrency Presales
  7. Tamadoge: Meme P2E Token in One of Best Crypto ICOs for 2022

A Closer Look at the 7 Best Upcoming Crypto ICOs and Token Presales in 2023

With presale crypto, investors can often tap into a guaranteed rise in coin value over the course of the presale. So, the earlier in the presale they buy, the more paper profit they stand to make. Sometimes a presale runs slightly differently, with bonus crypto being awarded depending on the amount invested – it all depends on the coin in question.

A new crypto ICO ends with the coin being listed on an exchange for the first time. At this point, investors might be rewarded with a further spike in coin value.

This is what happened with meme P2E coin $TAMA of the Tamadoge platform in October 2022 – with $TAMA soaring to almost 1,000% of its launch value within a week.

1. FightOut: Move-2-Earn Sensation and Best Crypto Presale for 2023

FightOut is a M2E (move-2-Earn) fitness app that links physical workouts in the real world with rewards and gaming in the virtual world.

This compelling combination makes FightOut crypto $FGHT the most exciting crypto in presale for 2023.


How Does the FightOut System Work?

Supplying workout routines via a smartphone app, FightOut guides users through tough workouts with a combat training feel. Users can win rewards for completing fitness challenges.

The app tracks the hours put in across FightOut workouts as well as other fitness sessions. All this data feeds continually into the user’s online avatar. This is a soulbound NFT, which means it is unique and cannot be exchanged for another.

As the FightOut metaverse develops, users will be able to use their avatar to interact with and compete against users. And, as their real-world fitness improves, their avatar’s stats continue to improve too.

What is $FGHT used for?

$FGHT is such an exciting presale crypto because it is placed at the very center of FightOut’s addictive user cycle.

Using $FGHT, players can purchase in-app currency REPS. REPS can also be earnt by completing fitness challenges. REPS can be spent in the FightOut marketplace to buy NFTs as well as pay for membership and snare hot merch such as exclusive FightOut experiences, supplements and training gear.

Visit FightOut Presale

How the FightOut Cryptocurrency Presale Works

FightOut’s presale phase is on now. $FGHT is available for just $0.016. And over $2 million of the initial $5 million target has already been reached. So investors will have to get in quickly to get hold of $FGHT at the ground floor.

Unlike many presales, FightOut’s ICO is based on bonuses rather than a gradual progression of price as the presale progresses.

These bonuses work on a sliding scale. The more the investor commits, the higher percentage bonus they are rewarded.

  • At the lowest entry level, an investor who commits $500 will get 20% more $FGHT for their money when the presale ends.
  • At the highest end of the scale, investors who commit over $50,000 get a whopping 50% more $FGHT for their money.
Presale Purchase Amount Bonus Payable at End of Presale
$500 20%
$750 24%
$1,000 28%
$3,000 32%
$5,000 36%
$10,000 40%
$25,000 45%
$50,000 50%

How to Buy FightOut Crypto $FGHT Now

Investors can head to the FightOut site right now and purchase $FGHT using Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT). A compatible crypto wallet is required: MetaMask is best for desktop purchases, Trust Wallet is recommended for smartphone purchases.

  • Check out the FightOut Roadmap – including news on a new dedicated FightOut gym $FGHT staking and celebrity fitness trainers – in the FightOut whitepaper.
  • Stay up–to–the–minute with the latest developments on FightOut
Token Name: $FGHT
Token Price: $0.016
Token Format: ERC-20
Total Supply: 10 billion
$ Raised in Ongoing Presale: $2.1 million
Presale Phase: 1
Listings: Check out the FightOut Telegram for details

Visit FightOut Presale

2. Dash 2 Trade: Pioneering Crypto Investment Platform In Upcoming ICO

Dash 2 Trade is having an outstanding presale phase. Investors have already poured over $10 million into the $D2T presale. And there is only 16 days to go before $D2T lists on a central exchange.

Will $D2T follow in the footsteps of fellow presale coin TAMA of the Tamadoge metaverse and spike 1,000% within a week?

What Makes Dash 2 Trade One of the Biggest ICOs of 2023?

Dash 2 Trade is based on real-world business success. It is the brainchild of the team behind Learn 2 Trade, a top existing crypto signals provider.

  • Learn 2 Trade has attracted 70,000 followers and 40,000+ active users.

What User Benefits make Dash 2 Trade stand out?

Dash 2 Trade is more than just a crypto signals platform. The platform offers a whole suite of integrated statistics, analysis and tools.

Cutting-edge market analysis comes from top Quant developers as well as ongoing social sentiment analytics. Investors can act on this market intelligence without risk using the Dash 2 Trade backtester, set up bots for automated trading, and – coming soon – use social/copy trading techniques to learn from other traders.

Great $D2T Tokenomics

Users pay for their Dash 2 Trade subscription using $D2T. This is expected to maintain continuous upwards pressure on the $D2T price, and thus make it an excellent long-term investment.

Latest Dash 2 Trade Developments

In late December, 2022, Dash 2 Trade released a video preview of one its key features: the presale overview.

This hot feature gives investors an at-a-glance overview of the best cryptocurrency presales out there. New crypto ICOs are ranked according to Top Social Activity – which tracks social media presence – as well as top sales figures.

Each featured crypto has a full profile page as well as an overall rating – or ‘Dash Score’. Dash Score could well be the industry norm for rating new presale crypto in the future.

How to Buy Dash 2 Trade Crypto $D2T now

$D2T goes to market with its first official CEX listing on Wednesday, January 11th, 2023. That means the presale has just a fortnight to run. Investors will have to get their skates on to secure $D2T at the bargain price of 0.0533 USDT.

  1. Install a free MetaMask crypto wallet (if using a desktop) or a Trust wallet (if using a smartphone).
  2. Buy some $ETH or $USDT to cover your $D2T purchase – or buy $ETH on site using your credit card.
  3. Head to the Dash 2 Trade site and connect your wallet by pressing the blue ‘connect wallet’ button.
  4. Exchange $ETH or $USDT for $D2T. A minimum purchase of 1000 $D2T applies. Your tokens will be available to claim when the presale ends.
Token Name: $D2T
Token Price: 0.0533 USDT
Token Format: ERC-20
Total Supply: 1 billion
$ Raised in Presale: $10.3 million
Presale Phase: Final phase ending soon
Listings: Listings confirmed on Uniswap, LBank, Bitmart and Changelly. Get on the Dash 2 Trade Telegram channel for more info.

Visit Dash 2 Trade Presale

3. C+Charge: EV Charging Crypto in One of the Biggest ICOs of 2023

C+Charge ranks as one of the best upcoming initial coin offerings because it is positioned in a hot growth market. C+Charge is a green crypto. The project centers on electric vehicles (EVs) and, specifically, their charging.

EV users can use CCHG – the C+Charge token – to pay for charging their vehicle wherever they are.

The C+Charge network and app is designed to be compatible with the universal standard for EV charging: OCPP 2.0. And C+Charge has already forged key business partnerships with big names Phihong (charging equipment) and AmpUp (technical support) to get the system integrated easily.

What Makes C+Charge Stand Out?

The sheer market potential of the C+Charge project makes its crypto $CCHG an exciting investment prospect. There are currently 2.3 million fee-based EV charging stations globally: in just 4 years, there will be 14.6 million (according to

Why is C+Charge the Best Crypto Presale to Invest in?

The C+Charge presale has just started. This is fabulous news for would-be speculators. In phase 1, $CCHG is available at just $0.013. And the price rises with every one of the 3 remaining phases to go. By the end of the presale, investors who buy now at phase 1 will be sitting on a paper profit of over 80% – with the price of CCHG at phase 4 standing at $0.02350.

Phase Price % of Tokens Amount of Tokens $ Value
Phase 1 $0.01300 40% 160,000,000 $2,080,000
Phase 2 $0.01650 30% 120,000,000 $1,980,000
Phase 3 $0.02000 20% 80,000,000 $1,600,000
Phase 4 $0.02350 10% 40,000,000 $940,000

There is only $6.6 million of $CCHG up for grabs in the whole presale. And there is just $2 million worth of CCHG available in phase 1 right now.

How to Buy C+Charge Crypto Now

Investors can head to the C+Charge platform and reserve their $CCHG using $BNB or $USDT as payment.

Token Name: $CCHG
Token Price: 0.013 USDT
Token Format: BEP-20
Total Supply: 1 billion
$ Raised in Presale: $1.87 million
Presale Phase: 1 of 4
Listings: Head to the C+Charge Telegram for listings updates

Visit C+Charge

4. RobotEra: Metaverse Coin in One of the Best Crypto Presales in 2023

RobotEra is a thrilling new sandbox metaverse. It combines addictive play-2-earn mechanics with a host of other features, including NFT trading and crypto staking.

The creative world of RobotEra is well-developed (full details here). On planet Taro, players take the role of robots from one of 7 different tribes. The sandbox feel allows players to explore, mine, create, build and trade as they wish. As they progress, players get to create NFTs out of their in-game creations which can then be traded in the RobotEra marketplace.

With robot combat, stunning VR/AR graphics and RobotEra collectible NFTs on the way, the RobotEra roadmap points to an exciting future for this highly-creative gaming experience.

Why is $TARO One of the Best Cryptocurrency Presales?

RobotEra players can earn $TARO in-game in six ways: trading NFTs, staking $TARO, earning from events organized by in-game teams, mining, land management and market trading. Players can also stake $TARO to participate in the RobotEra DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

Play-2-earn activity is a positive driver for the value of an in-house crypto, so investors will be pleased to learn they can get ahead in the rush for $TARO right now in the presale.

There are just 3 presale stages for $TARO. Stage 1 has got off to a cracking start, with over $580,000 invested since November, 2022. The $TARO price now is $0.020. This will rise to $0.025 in stage 2, and then to $0.032 in stage 3. Investors who buy in now will thus benefit from a 60% rise in their holding by the time $TARO hits the exchanges.

  • Only 250 million of the total $TARO supply of 1.8 billion are available in the presale.

Investors concerned about rug-pull scams need not worry with RobotEra. The project and its entire team have been KYC-verified by experts Coinsniper, and the contract code has been fully audited by SharkTeam.

How To Buy $TARO in the New Crypto ICO

Investors can buy $TARO directly from the RobotEra platform. Simply connect your MetaMask or Trust Wallet and use $ETH or $USDT to reserve your $TARO. Investors can claim their $TARO when the presale ends.

Token Name: $TARO
Token Price: $0.020
Token Format: ERC-20
Total Supply: 1.8 billion
$ Raised in Presale: $557,000
Presale Phase: 1
Listings: TBC

Visit RobotEra

5. Calvaria: Exciting Play-2-Earn Altcoin Among Best ICO Cryptos

So far the Calvaria presale has been hugely successful, with almost 90% of available tokens snapped up by eager investors. There is still time to buy before Calvaria lists on top exchanges KuCoin, and in Q1 2023.

Calvaria is a P2E battle card game set beyond the veil of death. Sumptuous graphics and great gameplay make Calvaria stand out from the crowd – as well as addictive play-2-earn gameplay mechanics.

The project has already had a successful full security audit with Solid Proof and the full Alpha version of the game is due out in Q2 2023. The team has its sights set on creating an in-house eSports team too.

Why Calvaria Has Been One of the Best Crypto ICOs for 2022

The 2022 Calvaria presale has seen the price of in-house token $RIA rise from $0.01 to $0.0325. With the presale in its fifth and final stage, eagle-eyed investors who bought in at stage 1 are now sitting on a paper profit of 225%.

With 132 million $RIA tokens sold, less than 18 million remain available before this crypto goes to the markets. One $RIA can be bought for $0.0325.

How to Buy $RIA Crypto Now

Investors can buy $RIA now on the Calvaria platform using $ETH or any of the stablecoins $USDT, $USDC, $BUSD and $DAI. As with many presale opportunities, a Trust wallet is recommended for use with a smartphone and MetaMask is suggested for desktop purchases. $RIA tokens can be reserved and then claimed when the presale finishes.

Join the Calvaria Telegram to keep up-to-date with news on listings and special offers.

Token Name: $RIA
Token Price: $0.0325
Token Format: ERC-20
Total Supply: 1 billion
$ Raised in Presale: $2.5 million
Presale Phase: Final 5th phase
Listings: To list on KuCoin, and in Q1 2023

Visit Calvaria now

6. IMPT: Carbon Credit Coin in One of the Best Cryptocurrency Presales

IMPT raised a staggering $20.5 million in its hot presale phase before recently going live on LBank and Uniswap in one of the biggest crypto ICOs this year.

Having come to market in the latter half of December, 2022, some investors were worried by $IMPT’s initial price performance.

But, for investors looking at $IMPT right now, it could be a great time to buy – with the price having found a bottom around the $0.010 mark for a few days and then spiking 40%+ on December 20th, 2022.

Perhaps $IMPT will do another Tamadoge? The $TAMA price initially dropped just like $IMPT on listing. It did not take off for a few days. But, when it did, it spiked almost 1,000% of list price (see graph below).

What Makes the IMPT Platform Stand Out?

IMPT users can use the in-house crypto $IMPT to do their bit for the environment. With in-house crypto $IMPT, users can buy, trade and burn carbon credits as NFTs.

What’s more, users can earn $IMPT as they shop. IMPT has partnered with over 10,000 retail brands like Amazon, Lego and Microsoft to automatically top up users’ $IMPT balances with certain purchases.

IMPT stands out as a commercial idea because it solves a key problem with carbon credits: authentication. Thanks to rigorous blockchain record-keeping, IMPT users can be 100% certain that their carbon credits have not been double-counted. In the wider carbon credit markets, double-counting and fraud is a huge problem.

What Makes $IMPT One of the Best ICO Cryptos?

$IMPT gives regular consumers an easy way into the carbon credit market. With listings on LBank, CoinGecko and Changelly Pro to come, we expect plenty of positive $IMPT price activity in the months to come. Keep up-to-date on IMPT Telegram.

Token Name: $IMPT
Token Price: $0.01458
Token Format: ERC-20
Total Supply: 3 billion
$ Raised in Presale: $20.5 million
Presale Phase: Finished on December 14th 2022
Listings: Listed on Uniswap, set to list on LBank, Coingecko and Changelly Pro

Visit IMPT Now

7. Tamadoge: Meme P2E Token in One of Best Crypto ICOs for 2022

The Tamadoge presale recently finished. And what a success it was! Having raised over $10 million in presale, $TAMA peaked at almost 1,000% of its first list price within a week.

The Tamadoge presale showed how successful the best ICO cryptos can be. Although the price of $TAMA has faded away, this token remains a strong crypto prospect. That’s because the essential dynamics of the ‘Tamaverse’ combine the addictive principles of the very successful Tamagotchi game series – where users develop their own unique pet – with play-to-earn competition. One to watch!

Token Name: $TAMA
Token Price: $0.01507
Token Format: ERC-20
Total Supply: 2 billion
$ Raised in Presale: $19 million
Presale Phase: Presale finished
Listings: OKx, LBank, MEXC,, Coinsbit,, CoinEx, CoinW, Bitget,, Bitforex, Uniswap,

Visit Tamadoge


Above we have reviewed some key upcoming initial coin offerings for 2022/2023.  Our conclusion is that the best crypto presale to invest in is $FGHT, the token for move-to-earn pioneer FightOut.

With FightOut, you train the way you want and earn from it. This addictive combination reaps rewards in both the real world and the virtual, and makes $FGHT the best ICO crypto for 2023.

Visit FightOut Presale

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